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Simple, yet powerful features!

Restaurant Order Pad is a full featured point of sale solution that takes full advantage of Android technology. A smart and affordable solution to fulfill your key business tasks and increase the profitable growth of your business.

Powerful Programming Features

Robust fallback features when the cloud is not available or when communication errors occur.

Arrange buttons into categories (pages) and sub-categories (sub-headings.) We don't use a standard grid like most Point of Sale systems use.

Place the same button into multiple categories (pages.)

Virtually unlimited buttons per page. Everything is scrollable.

Create macros to enhance/alter the functionality of a button.

Create option groups for easy selection of ingredient requests or other special requests.

Attach special instructions to each line item. (Via Macros, Options Button, or Press-Hold a button!)

Built-in Discounts programming. Automatically apply discounts by day, category, or item. Create macro buttons to manually apply a discount that not flagged as automatic.

Easily transfer device programming to other devices.

Timekeeping Features

Real-time labor reports.

Driver payments dialog on Clock-out. Know exactly how much to collect from your drivers.

Manager timeclock entry editor.

Restaurant Only Features

Graphical dispatch interface for restaurants who offer delivery service.

Choose what types of orders to handle. Options to choose from are: Dine-in, Carry Out, Drive Thru, and Delivery.

Split order interface.

Packing Slip feature. Prints the order details and condiments directly to a packing slip.

Half-and-half and specialty options interface for pizzaria restaurants.

Additional Android Apps

Kitchen Video:
Don't waste paper and use our Kitchen Video app instead!

Lock down the device so employees can't use unauthorized apps!

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