Here is a collection of screenshots taken directly from our android devices.

Main Menu (Restaurant Mode)
We decided on a very simple menu system of 4 buttons (or less depending on settings and point of sale mode.)

Order/Customer Entry Screen
Choose order type and enter/search customer information.

Order Screen
The order screen is broken up into 3 sections, all of which are scrollable.

Single Select Options
Choose 1 Option from each group.

Ingredient Options
Choose Ingredient Options. Defaults to the ingredients already in the item.

Half & Half Options
Built-in Half & Half Interface. Choose Ingredient Options for Whole, Half 1, or Half 2.

Specialty Pizza Options
Built-in Specialty Pizza Interface. Pressing a specialty pizza will activate it's ingredients.

Specialty Pizza Options
Pressing "Stagecoach" activates all ingredients specific to that pizza.

Specialty Pizza Options
Uses a topping counter to decide if charging for additional toppings is necessary.

Specialty Pizza Options
1 specialty on half, a different specialty on the other half.

Kitchen Video Screen
Simply tap the panel of the order you wish to clear.

Receipt Preview
We took this screenshot in portrait orientation to show the entire receipt.
This shows exactly how a receipt would print to the receipt printer!

Order List Page
Touch on an order line, then click the option up top of what you want to do.

Dispatch Interface
See at a glance the status of drivers and delivery orders.
Select a Driver, then select the orders they are taking, then click on 'Dispatch'!

Customer Search Page (*Experimental)
Clicking on a Green line will create a new entry in the customer database!

Customer Viewer Page (*Experimental)
See Last 20 orders, Mark as Do Not Serve or mark as No Checks.

Menu Editor
Each menu item can be set to the "root" category (very top) or assigned a sub-category. The buttons appear in alphabetical order first by sub-category, then by button name.

Menu Item Editor
The "Add Category" button allows for a single button to be placed on multiple pages.

Timeclock Frontend
Choose a role to clock in.

Timeclock Driver Clock-out
Tells the manager how much the driver owes.

Timeclock Payments Entry
Helper dialog to decide how much cash/checks/credit card totals to collect.

Real-time Labor Report
See at a glance where you stand with your labor vs. sales

Timeclock Editor
Choose an employee, then touch an entry to edit.

Timeclock Editor: Edit Dialog
Choose the new dates/times then click Save!

Macro Editor (*Experimental)
This specific macro will add the individual menu items associated with a family style dinner.

Macro Function Editor (*Experimental)
Click on a argument button up top will display a dialog specific to the type of data that argument is asking for.

Main Menu, Manager Pin Dialog
The Manager Pin Dialog will appear only if a pin is set.

Settings, General Page

Employee Manager
Set Sign-on Codes and Roles for your employees.

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