Macro Samples

Our macro system has quite an array of options for simplifying the functionality of your menu programming.

This is our collection of macro samples to hilight various functionality that can be programmed for your point of sale system.

How to do a 2 for $20 deal:

1) Create a category to handle everything related to the 2 for $20.
2) Create a "master" button labeled "2 For $20".
3) Create buttons for appetizer selections.
4) Create buttons for entree selections.

5) Program the "2 For $20" button: Be sure to use valid button ids for entree or appetizer

newGroupId(); // Assigns a new grouping id.
addItemWithGroup("[appetizer button id]",,"Appetizer"); // Adds the "appetizer" item to the group.
addItemWithGroup("[entree button id]",,"Entree"); // Adds 1st entree item to the group.
addItemWithGroup("[entree button id]",,"Entree"); // Adds 2nd entree item to the group.
selectFirstChild(); // Selects the appetizer item in the group.

6) Program the appetizer and entree buttons. Use all the valid button id's for the button you are programming. this allows the user to change the appetizer or entree.

if("sid","=","buttonid1|buttonid2|..."); // If selected button id is valid...
setVar("sid","%id%"); // Set the selected item's id to that of the clicked item. Important for built in options dialog.
setVar("sitem","%item%"); // Set the selected item's text to that of the clicked item.
selectNext(); // Select the next item.
alert("Not Allowed!","Error"); // Alert user that this button is not allowed for the selected item.
cancel(); // Cancel the default button press.

When the user clicks on the "2 for $20" button, it will add 4 line items and select the appetizer. The user will then click on an appetizer to choose the appetizer and the selected item will jump to first entree. The user then clicks on the 2 entrees. The user can then choose entree options and special instructions using the built-in options system.